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We have an arrival date!


Well the past week or so has been a bit of a roller coaster, but God is faithful and all is well.  They have been concerned for a month or so about Luke’s size because he is always measuring about a pound bigger than expected – I tell them to look at his father, but the doctors just want to be certain all is well.  I had another gestational diabetes screening on Monday and it came back perfect, so for that I was very relieved.  We also had another sono which does show him to already be 8 pounds with the potential to be around 9 or so when he is born.  They do not want me to go to my due date because he would be closer to 10 pounds at that point and they are afraid that could be dangerous. So…we will go in next Thursday the 22nd to start the process!  The end is finally in sight!!

I do have some very specific prayer requests for the upcoming week…

As of yesterday I have not thinned out or dilated at all, which is frustrating because I’ve been having very painful contractions for the past 6 weeks or so.  I go back to my doctor next Wed. the 21st for her to check me again.  Please pray that I will have made progress at this point.  If I have not I will go into the hospital on the evening of the 22nd and they will start the “ripening” process to get me ready for induction.  I would prefer to not have to do this as it can be very painful and will take 12 hours before they even give me the medicine to induce me.  Of course if the ripening does not work (which I’m not even going there) they will have to do a c-section.

The biggest concern of the doctors is that because he is so big already, he may not fit through the birth canal.  I am trusting God that he created Luke and knows exactly what size he needs to be and fitting will not be an issue.  However, if he did get stuck, it is very dangerous for him and would result in an emergency c-section.  So again, please pray that he will fit with no problems and that everything goes smoothly.

And of course, I wouldn’t mind if you prayed for peace for me.  I am really trying to trust and know that God is in control, not me and all I can do is trust Him.  It is just scary to think of all that could go wrong, but this is where I just have to trust.

The good thing is I know I am getting wonderful healthcare, not only do I have my OB but I also have seen a perinatologist the entire pregnancy because of my stroke and blood clotting issues, he is wonderful as well, and I know both of them have mine and Luke’s best interest in mind, so I feel completely confident that they will do what’s best for both of us.

So, all that to say, no matter what, Luke will be here by Friday the 23rd!!  Prayers for us next week are greatly appreciated.

My mom has been here for a couple of weeks, we are all moved in, just a few last touches to get the house completely finished.  The nursery is done, we have things washed and put away, furniture is all put together, it looks beautiful.  My next post will be pics of the house and nursery, hopefully tomorrow or the first of the week!

Flights are booked for all of my family to arrive on Wednesday and Ryan’s dad to arrive as well, so we are getting excited!!

Thanks in advance for your prayers, we will keep you posted.

Much love,

Amber, Ryan and Luke